Breath from your nose

Dear Humans

This one has to be the most obvious but I still see people constantly breathing from their mouths which is not ideal at all, there is plenty of research that’s found that nasal breathing is the ideal way to breathe and releases nitric oxide over some time. In the most basic way, your mouth is for consumption and your nostrils are for breathing. Your mouth helps you converse, eat and drink. You can also use your mouth to breathe, but it does not have the same powers and benefits as your nose does.

I shall state some basic benefits of nasal breathing for you now and you can check this up for yourself.

* Optimized oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.
* Protection of the lungs and airways.
* Increased breathing volume.
* Better oral health. ( as the air is filtered by the nose, rather than your mouth)
* Humidification of the air via nose filtration.
* Better sleep as it avoids dry mouth and sore throats caused by mouth breathing.

If I could leave you with something today that will increase your breathing capacity, give you an airlift to your brain and feel much cleaner and better then I have to reintroduce you to nasal breathing as this is the ideal way to breathe and should be adapted as soon as possible.

I understand In some cases, mouth breathing is necessary. You might need to breathe through your mouth if you have a cold or a deviated septum, but that’s not the point of this message.

I would also make a suggestion to tape your mouth shut with masking tape at night just an hour before as this will help you sleep at night and breath from your nose instead. Then after a few weeks, it will become second nature and you won’t need the tape anymore.

I dare you to try it and see how your body adapts and how much calmer you will feel if you use your nose instead of panting like a farm animal from your mouth.

In essence please use your nose to breathe as this is what it’s designed for.


Afzal: Servant of God: The Lord of Mankind.


Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

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