Degree of Revelations

Dear Humans

Revelations are such a hidden topic people are not willing to talk about but I would like to shed some light on what a revelation is and how we formulate revelations and the types of revelations that can expand your mind and your Weltanschauung (comprehensive worldview).

I will start with what the general definition of a revelation is.

1a: an act of revealing or communicating divine truth.
1b: something that is revealed by God to humans.
2a: an act of revealing to view or making known.
2b: something that is revealed especially: an enlightening or astonishing disclosure of shocking revelations.

I have complied a broader range of revelations I have sorted out over the years to help humans see the types that are present in life that fall under the definition of a revelation. A metaphorical way of looking at a revelation is being in the dark and lighting up a fire which lights up everything around and now you can see what’s around you because of the fire.

Subjective / Self-revelations

This one is quite easy, it’s something you learn about yourself over time, or you develop skills and ideas that you didn’t have before that become manifested in your personality or character. This can range from finding the exact amount of sleep you need to function to what food works for you, however, this needs a lot of self-reflection.

Personal Examples include

* Avoiding caffeine at night helps me sleep deeper and better.

* I look scarier when I have a beard than when I don’t.
* I prefer silence to music.
* I don’t mind being misunderstood anymore as I cannot please everyone all the time.
* I prefer to be alone than be in the company of people who make me feel alone.
* I am fine in knowing I will not be accepted by many.
* I prefer eating by myself than with others.
* I find peace in a minimalistic approach to life.
* I have loved the colour black since I was a child and over time it has manifested into everything I wear and purchase now.
* I don’t seem to enjoy sugary foods just like other people do.
* I have an immense love for food which leads to gaining weight and comfort eating.
* I am Introverted and a socially recluse individual by nature.
* I am secular on a religious level.
* Studying and reading books are far more interesting to me than programs and serials.
* I am moody but over time I have learned to understand the rollercoaster.

General Subjective examples.

* A light bulb moment.
* A daunting feeling which changes your perception.
* What you thought about someone or something that becomes something else with new information present.
* Freeing yourself from past traumatic experiences and not bringing them into your future.
* Most people feelings change as quick as seasons do so it’s always good to be updated on recent events and feelings.
* Change in personality or character due to experiences gathered under the belt over a while.

The fastest way to pick up on personal revelations is

* To listen to judgments people make towards you and compare that to what you know about yourself already.
* Self-reflection on your beliefs and attitudes.
* Question everything you have ever been taught and believe in.
* To learn from previous experiences.

If you see that pattern you will see the personal revelations are pinpointed to yourself specifically. They may not fit the general trend of humanity or major religious beliefs at all as they are personal to you and vary from person to person to entire races and types of people. This can be progressive or regressive depending on what information you take to yourself and what is revealed to you.

Objective / Universal Revelations

Universal revelations apply to everyone no matter what religion, tribe or caste, gender or sexuality you ascribe to, they tend to be from facts rather than personal views, feelings and religious agendas.

Examples include but not limited to

* water is beneficial for all humans.
* nature encompasses all humans.
* eating good food is healthy for all human beings.
* having harmful products destroy the immune system.
* Walking is beneficial to all humans.
* Time waits for no human being at all.
* Everyone is a mixture of their father and mother.
* All humans feel emotions- This can be from love, anger, betrayal, hatred, greed and lust unless, of course, they are psychopathic.
* All humans want money.
* we all have a creative force within us.
* We will all die one day and get old.
* All food that comes from the ground and the rain that falls from the sky can be eaten and felt by all humans regardless of faith, religion, caste or character, ( nature provides universally for everyone )
* Similarities in cultural views.
* Suffering is inevitable.
* The human species is the predator in the life cycle

If you see that pattern you will see the universal revelations are pinpointed to being a human being. They will apply to almost every single person on the planet at any given time in life but may limit if they suffer from mental illnesses or diseases or are delusional by too much advertising or hyped social constructs. They tend to apply to all walks of life and are based on fact, rather than feeling, religious agendas or personal opinions.

The fastest way to pick up on Universal revelations is

* To study as many topics as possible from different angles.

* To study outside of one’s religion and traditional view.
* To read factual books instead of fiction.

Religious / Divine Revelations

These are more constrained to the religion you follow and keeps you in the religion but still can be revealed according to what material is studied and where the limitation is proposed. You can say that the holy books are written revelations if you are broad enough to see this, Others claims to have talked to an angel or spirit which reveal information to them which fall under the divine/religious revelation. Some would even go to the extent and state that only selected individuals within the constraint of religion get revelations and others are not capable of it at all even though in all respect they were human beings to start with, all born on earth and lived here on majestic earth at some point in time. I cannot provide examples of this as most of these are already in the books that people who follow the religion, you can study the books in your own time and figure out whether they are divine or are based on feelings and perceptions of the author who wrote them in the first place.Another sub-topic in religious and divine revelations is prophecies and being able to predict the future. However, I have no set of information to share on this topic at the moment.

In the end, the purpose of a revelation is to illuminate or gain knowledge and enlightenment about something you did not know before, this could be religious, individual, specific or even universal. The aim is to reveal and expand and re-evaluate and expand the human spirit with incoming and revealing information. 
In the famous words of one of my favourite philosophers, Socrates says ‘’ I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think’. hence my aim is not to teach but to make you think and figure out your revelations yourself. You can use the above templates to find out what kind of revelations you have figured out not only personally but also on a universal level and expand your comprehensive worldview.


Afzal: Servant of God Almighty: The Revealer.


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