Facts over opinions any day.

Dear Humans


I have come across so many other human beings who say things that they believe are facts, astonishes my mind how they can’t seem to see that its an opinion and not a fact, its like they truly and sincerely believe that everything they think is a fact and makes you wonder if anybody has ever pointed it out to them that its an opinion, not a fact or it’s just a commonplace assertion. This dawned on me in my late teen years as I started questioning my thoughts and when I wrote them out I realised that they were opinions, not facts, hence the illumination. It was a struggle at first trying to figure out the difference but afterwards, it became easier to see what is rooted in fact, opinion or just a common assertion we have learned growing up. 


A fact is something that can be proven to be true or false and an opinion can be based on an emotion or fact itself, it’s absurd how many individuals I meet who talk like they are saying facts but in reality, are speaking opinions / Perceptions or commonplace assertions.


if you read my revelations article before you will know how I show that personal revelations are opinions and can be emotion-based / human-based whereas universal revelations are facts, but I meet so many humans who can’t seem to see the difference between them at all and muddle up perceptions/opinions and facts.


I will start with a basic example to get your mind working.


Fact: we ordered a pizza last night.

Opinion: Pizza is the best food in the world.


Fact: This cake was purchased today at midnight.

Opinion: This Cake is to die for. 


Fact: My parent’s house was built in 1967

Opinion: My parent’s house is like a funfair. 


Fact: Wristwatches are worn on wrists.

Opinion: I think wristwatches are useless. 


Fact: The sun and moon are in circulation every single day.

Opinion: The sun is my friend and the moon is my enemy.


Fact: Most of the perfume oils I sell are made with a sandalwood base.

Opinion: Sandalwood smells too strong for me.


Now for Common Assertions.


Commonplace assertion: School makes you smart

Correct Assertion: School is an institution of learning. 


Commonplace Assertion: A apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Correct assertion: A apple is a false fruit. 


Commonplace Assertion: Knowledge is power

Correct Assertion: Knowledge is Potential Power 


Common Place Assertion: Money is the root of Evil

Correct assertion: Money is a tool; a Medium of exchange. ( the lack of money is the root of evil )


Common Place assertion: mice love cheese.

Correct assertion: mice eat other foods too.


Opinions can be changed and altered but a fact cannot be changed, it can be studied and re-investigated but not changed. If you can catch the differences in your thoughts you will see that most of what we think are our own opinions/perceptions and that what people usually say and express, is their opinions/perceptions and very rarely facts. If you drown yourself in their opinions/perceptions you shall never see life as it is but rather from their skewed lenses of experience.


if you can discern between opinion and fact you will see more of life and how the world is based on so many opinions rather than facts themselves. Religions fascinate me the most because they have mixtures of facts, opinions, and commonplace assertions mixed into one. You have to study them deeply before you can even tell what is a fact, fiction, opinions, hearsay or just straight-up lies / Bullshit.


On a deeper level, once you figure out that mostly everyone functions on opinions, you will understand that whole life is just a series of opinions and potential ideals/perceptions. You have to go out yourself and look for the facts to figure out what is true. The only way to surpass opinion states of thought is to study and increase your knowledge of facts and then use this lens to find the truth that you seek out.


I shall leave you with a Marcus Aurelius quote from Meditations to ponder on: ‘ Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. 


This quote should give you a kick start on your journey to finding out what thoughts in your mind are opinions, facts or lies you have been taught by other people around you and have ingested over the years from this simulation we call life. 


This will in turn improve your judging and perceptive skills.




Afzal: Servant of God Almighty: The Judge , Jury and Executioner.



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