How to Apply Perfume Oils !

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Fragrance oils typically are sold in Roll on Bottles - which is the optimum way to use oils and get the most out of them especially when applied to pulse points.
Perfume Oils can however be different in viscosity depending on what oil is being used. E,g our Snow - Royal White Musk is very gel like and sticky where are our other perfume oils are thinner and can be applied very easily.
I have found two ways that work best with perfume oils and either way is up to you to experiment with.

1.Skin Contact
This method is used on various parts of the body. The roll on bottle inverted can be applied to the various parts mentioned below in slow moving motions.

  • Wrists - The standard pulse point area.
  • Behind Ears / Neck / Collar Bones - The intimacy section
  • Inner Elbows: This section is not very common however suited for individuals who do not want to use the wrists.
  • Behind Knees:  This is the secret area , used for making the scent rise during application.

Notes : The skin contact method is the optimum way of using oils as it blends in with the skin and disperses over time. This tends to make the perfume oil last longer but can be varied depending on skin type and the type of oil used.

2.Traditional Clothes Contact.
This method is based around using the oil on the clothing rather than the skin. The oil roll on bottle is inverted and applied to the palms of the hands , rubbed slightly together and gently striking the fabric on the arms , the chest and around the body. This helps the oil to be dispersed around the clothing rather than the skin.

Notes : This is ideal for individuals who suffer from dry skin or just want to smell good without the hassle of skin contact. it should also be noted however dark oils can leave residue on clothing.

Both methods work well depending on how you want to work with your perfume oil roll on.One thing I have learned with perfume oils is that rubbing the oils over the skin destroys the top notes very quickly so the best way to keep this going is to dab the oil rather than rub the oil on the skin - this way the top notes are always intact and can be enjoyed.


Afzal : The Perfumer

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