Veni, vidi, vici Philosophy.

Dear Humans

Studying history has opened my ability to many thinking patterns of the mind, from what my purpose in my life is to what I want to achieve in the end and how I want to leave this planet. I have spent time studying history and getting an insight into the mind of humans who have come here before us and hoping they could share some insight into this simulation.

I would therefore like to introduce you to a famous saying listed below, you may or may not have heard of it but it gets thrown around as an expression that is not studied well enough.

The Latin phrase ''Veni, vidi, vici '' ( I came, I saw, I conquered ) saying of achieving conquest in battle by Julius Caesar the military strategist is one of my favourite sayings. Another alteration of the saying is '' I came saw and I lived '' by the French poet Victor Hugo’s.

The variations regarding these phases opened an entire can of worms in my mind to how we all as human beings come to something in our lives may it be love, marriage, jobs, careers and even our hidden away struggles, but in the overall picture of life, We are born and then one day we shall die, so what I’ve expanded on why is this saying limited to events when we can expand it to our entire lives and develop an entire state of living and philosophy from these inspired words.

These three words paved an entire section of thinking in every situation on a personal level for me., I am here and one day I shall not be, the same way I have come, I have seen and but what have I done? Did I conquer as per caesars mind, did I live as per victor Hugos mind, or will I make my mind up, to see how this makes me be?

I have listed examples below to show you the thinking pattern of the devised philosophy as follows.

I came, I saw and I was ‘’horrible’’.

I came, I saw and I was ‘’kind’’. 

I came, I saw and I was ‘’grateful’’.

I came, I saw and I was ‘’deceptive’’.

I came, I saw and I was ‘’foolish’’.

I came, I saw and was ‘’happy’’.

I came I saw and I ‘’destroyed’’.

I came, I saw I ‘’suffered’’.

I came, I saw I ‘’did nothing’’.

I came, I saw and I ‘’Hated’’

I came, I saw and I ‘’Loved’’

we can choose how to portray this in our lives, you see you can choose the negative side of you and follow through or choose the positive side and inject it into the phrase to keep our inner fire burning and reach the peak of ourselves. Over 30 years here on planet earth I would say I have come to survive at the least and at the most to have lived a good and peaceful life. If I was to put my shoes in Ceaser’s mind of conquest I would say to conquer myself. I am sure you get the picture by now and see how three phrases can broaden the entire mind.

I will therefore leave you with an open question, how will you phrase this in your lifetime, I came, I saw and I ……..


Afzal: Servant of God Almighty: The Univeral Teacher


Photo by Erik Aquino on Unsplash



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