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Dear Humans

We study when we are in school, we learn when we get to college, we learn when we enter university but then we stop studying in life, but the truth is you have to keep studying constantly and the more you study the more you will understand, the more you will be aware and the more you can help others and the people around you with the knowledge you acquire.
I will illustrate the grouping to show you how it is all around you.
1)Home - mainly religious/parental and childlike learning, ( upbringing experience).

2)Friend Circle - Mainly ideas/behaviours from friends and relationships ( relationship experience)
3)Schooling / College / University - mainly studies related / academia ( Specialisation experience)
4)Work - Learning about customers' needs ( Providing services experience)
4)Life - Life lessons, experiences and your place in life as a whole. ( collective personnel experiences)
5)Travelling - learning from different cultures, religions/traditions and social aspects of life ( universal experiences)
6) Self-learning - Teaching yourself, going out and studying by yourself. (Self Learning)

The main five forms: most people will learn and achieve over time as they will be around us in work life, love life, and with family and the common day to day grind, but what I want to illustrate is the aspect of self-learning, it the last one that most people don't reach because they just don't have the passion to study outside of the circle that they live in and hence the knowledge is always limited to the first five grouping. They will only tend to read the books the religion teaches them to read, or study only what their friends recommend, never really going deep inside themselves to see what they truly want to know more about and have a better understanding of.

In the day of libraries and the era of modern technology, one does not need to travel to China or around the globe to increase their knowledge base, you can increase it by studying, purchasing books, taking out a course and let us not forget the entire universe of google/youtube that has immense information ready for your consumption, from tutorials to entire documentaries to improve your understanding of life and the world around you.
I come across individuals who tell me knowledge is bad but it’s not true, how can any knowledge be bad at all, it’s how you use it that defines your intentions and your purpose in life. The way you can learn to be good, you can learn to be evil and use the knowledge to oppress or liberate, the choice, in the end, is yours. How can any knowledge be bad except how you apply it.

I am aware some humans study to do well in the field they work in but then they don’t have any knowledge about other parts of their lives, their relationships, communication, philosophies, ideas and even religious thoughts have no essence and are just stuck in a single system of information because that is all they know, they only follow one thought of binding information instead of expanding on various topics of life.

If I say to ‘’increase your knowledge base’’ am I saying to only read Islamic books, if I say to increase your knowledge am I saying only to read Hinduism books, if I say to increase your knowledge am I saying only read philosophies, when I say to increase your knowledge do I mean only to study your field? no, my brothers and sisters, it's about increasing your knowledge base on various subjects of life, e.g biology, nutrition, philosophy, ideologies, behaviour patterns, religious studies, scriptural studies, economics etc

Keep in mind my brothers and sisters, the knowledge that is gained and not used is useless, knowledge that is gained, shared and applied is the whole point of studying in the first place. I am also aware of the saying that ‘’ignorance is bliss’’ and I do agree with it to some extent but it is truly bliss; how long would you want to live in ignorance before it turns into absolute oblivion for you.

Who wants to eat terrible food for the rest of their lives?
Who wants to spend life with somebody who doesn’t love them?
Who wants to be doing things that destroy their health?
How long do you want to live in silly land trying to figure the truth out and not searching for it for yourself?

in contrast, 

do you wish to have intelligent and mind-expanding conversations?
do you want to be able to understand the perceptions of religion and ideas?
do you want to improve yourself and learn new skills?
do you want to find happiness and enjoy your life to the fullest?
do you wish to understand yourself and others better?
do you want to find hobbies that match you as a person?
do you wish to illuminate yourself and those around you?
do you wish to be comfortable in your skin?
do you wish to become open-minded?

If your answer stems from an agreement with the above statements then you should increase your knowledge base. I advise all human beings no matter what religion you follow, and no matter where you are in the journey of life, you need to study and equip yourself with as much information and study as possible as knowledge breeds enlightenment and freedom, whereas ignorance and lack of understanding keep humans in darkness and turmoil.

Increasing your knowledge will increase your mind’s capacity to process information, increase your knowledge and you will understand others, increase your knowledge and you can understand humanity. Increase your knowledge and break the shackles that hold your mind and thinking down. Increase your knowledge and it will improve your perceptions. Increase your knowledge and you will make better decisions for your goals. Increase your knowledge and you will be able to give better advice. Increase your knowledge and you will live a better and fulfilled life, increase your knowledge base, it shall improve your worldview. it shall even improve your personality and improve your conversations along with learning about your own self.

There is also another saying ‘’knowledge is power’’ but it isn't correct - it is a ‘’half-truth’’, (common assertion) its what you do with the knowledge that becomes powerful for you, knowledge is potential power, its how you utilise the knowledge you have gained that gives you the power to push your dream or goal. It's the accumulation of knowledge and action that provides you with the power and liberation to live a fulfilled and good life.

There is also a hidden eternal beauty to seeking knowledge. You see, seeking knowledge has a beginning to pursue but it will never end, you will never know everything ever, but that's the beauty of it, is it will keep you in constant strive, a constant hobby, a constant learning experience, a constant motion to increase our knowledge base, and if you make it a hobby, you will never see the end even when you get old, there will be more to learn and grasp so you shall never feel bored and the hobby will be ongoing forever as it is eternal and an entire conquest in itself.

I hope this message inspires all who read it to spark a thirst for knowledge. I would almost phrase it as an eternal commandment and will apply to anyone at any time in life. hence ‘’Increasing your knowledge’’ is like saying having an eternal hobby, way beyond the normal aspects of your day to day life.


Afzal: Servant Of God Almighty: The Source of All Knowledge.


Inspired by *Conversation of Moses with God Almighty: Quran (20:114)

External Reference points

*Proverbs: For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
*Proverbs: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
*Proverbs: An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
*Dale Carnegie once stated that “Knowledge is not power until it’s applied”.
*Yama, Katha Upanishad, 1.2.1-1.2.2 - Pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom.
*Bhagavad Gita 9.1-3: Knowledge of Liberation.


Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

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