Nakedness: The original state of mankind

Dear Humans

We come into the world with nothing and we will leave with nothing, I always find solace in nakedness. As that is the natural state, you see when we are born we come with nothing at all, no pen, no socks, no clothes, just bare, nothing at all, no possessions, no assets, no titles no brands, we are born with nothing. If you look at it deeply then even our names are given to us to label us. Then over time, we put on clothes, tops and fashionable items, then grow up, and want books, and possessions to attain and assets and cars and all sorts, even houses,Forge relationships and meaningfull alliances and then in the end when we are close to death, we just want to live again, some people end up becoming children, some lose the plot entirely. But our possessions either possess us entirely or they become a faint memory of the past which we try and live again by purchasing more and more and more because we are hooked to accumulation and to show off to others till we are six feet in the ground.

It doesn’t matter if you are born into a rich family or a poor family, we are all naked when we come out. this led me to the idea that life is not fair because if it was then we would all be born in the same families, with efficient wealth and upbringing and everyone would start with the same intellect and have the same upbringing, but this isn’t the truth we are all born different and at different times, to different biological parents, with different surrounding and its not fair at all. We are born the same but our circumstances are different, our upbringing different, our values different, so no we are not equal at all, in life’s eyes are all different and diverse which in turn makes life balanced and diverse. It’s like human beings are like plants seeded by God, different mixtures of genetics walking around the planet formed at different times , in different surroundings and with different resources all struggling to survive and then ultimately die.

The intense beauty however in life not being fair for everyone makes it fair overall right?

Another way to look at the nakedness of life is we win some and lose some, we gain sometimes, we sometimes we lose, we attain in some aspects of our lives and in other aspects we don’t get anything at all, but if you can still accept all your gains and accept all your loses too then my brothers and sisters you have understood the rollercoaster of life.

I am not saying you cannot buy and own anything you want , but the day it owns you is the day it’s over for you, ill put it a better way for you, the day your items possess you to the extent it ruins your relationships, friendships and what’s important, it's game over.

it’s all over for you if you worried about the contents of your cupboard and your one thousand outfits, your 500 pairs of shoes, 200 watches over the relationships and connections you have with people then you have already lost, as items can be replaced, money earned again but the relationships will die away and goals will vanish if not worked on.

If you still have trife over broken items , cupboards , suitcases , cups , watches , broken possesions with those you love and care about then you my beloved human are still blind and attached to items that can be replaced.

As for me, ‘’I came into life naked and I shall leave naked , the rest is already a bonus’’


Afzal: The Grateful Wanderer.



Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

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