Why you should Have a Etsy Store Today !

Dear Humans

One of my favourite online platforms has to be Etsy .The community for creative individuals who want to showcase handmade items to mankind. I have personally been selling on the Etsy platform since last year and it has been a blast. If you want to check my handmade product sections for perfume oils., Handmade necklaces and occasional vintage product collections please visit Scentoils.

These are my top 10 reasons on why you should also start your own shop on Etsy and join the creative community if you want to share your creative spirit to the world.

1. You can do it alone

One of the biggest benefits of setting up a Etsy store is the fact that i can do it alone and in my own time and pace , you post your items up with great images and write compelling descriptions all in your own time and all by your self, be your own boss , your own shop and your own time and effort on your own vibes.

2. Work from home

The beauty about this is you can literally work in your own space as it is set up online and i can do this in my spare time after work. No office needed , no rent to pay.

3. Low cost Margin

This has to be one of the best aspects of etsy and how the cost is only $0.20 for a listing that lasts up to four months ! ( 5% Transaction Fee).

4. Creative Spirit

The platform is literally oozing with creative spirits around the world who showcase there items for everyone to have a look at and purchase. Do you have socks you Knit , jumpers or even make soaps and candles , do you have a creative spirit that needs to be shown to the world !. This is the platform for you !

5. Large customer base

Building a business from scratch can be a daunting experience but Etsy removes that aspect instantly as millions of people visit Etsy. When I posted out my perfume oil as just one product last year i instantly got a sale ! Kudos really ! I hadn't even labelled it just put it in a roll on bottle , added a small description and got a customer from the united States !

6. Easy to use

I cannot express this point any further , from opening the shop to putting up listings to even starting advertising its just very easy to use and post up. Etsy does all the extra handling for you. a few clicks here , a few button pressed here and bang you have shop ! welcome ladies and gentlemen to the world of creative entrepreneurship.

7. Finical Freedom

We all work jobs , 9-5 , 10 to 6 you name it , we are all working but wouldn't it be great to create products and get paid for them too. Get that second income in the system rolling, Help out with the bills or save for that holiday your dreaming of.

10. Customers Trust Etsy

Trust is very important and Etsy does that for you. A lot of individuals purchase products online as well as my self and this just helps a lot when you have customer support at hand and a middle service that can help out if there are issues.

8. Worldwide Scope

the local community can have views that are not aligned with your products even in some cases the locals do not even have an interest. However the fact that etsy shows it to the world it gets easier to hone in on a larger market around the world who are aligned to your product philosophy and are looking for what you provide.

9. Anyone Can do it.

I believe anyone can set up a shop with the mindset of great customer service and having handmade products they want to share with the world.

I have written this article to show gratitude to etsy and a way for anyone who wants to aim to sell handmade products .Thank you Etsy for being there for us and making my mini dream come true.


Afzal : Servant of God


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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