Why you should sell on eBay?

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If you are new to selling online and your pockets don’t run deep but the craze of being able to sell online is magical to you, I would look no further than opening up an eBay account and start listing like there is no tomorrow. I have been personally selling on eBay since I was almost 14 years old, it started with just getting rid of old clothes and then morphed into cosmetics, Furniture and perfume oils over time.

However to answer your question on why you should sell on eBay? Here are my top 8 reasons why you should.

 1.Worldwide scope

eBay is a global marketplace for sellers and buyers alike. You can start by selling from the UK and your listing could end up showing to potential customers in the USA. The exposure is vast and Limitless. 

2.Fixed price listings and Auction style

Fixed price listings are great for buy it now products. (The Standard Gig), However, if you have something rare, collectable or limited an auction for your product will bring in customers who will pay a higher price for your item.

3.New items as well as used items

Not only can you stock up on new products on eBay but you can also sell used items provided you list the item as used and provide the customer with as much detail as possible.

4.Trust Factor

eBay has been around for almost 25 years, and has seller protection; this includes customer support and middleman service to help out with disputes, returns and customer complaints.

5.Free Advertising

 Millions flock to eBay for purchases every single day, It has over 153 million active users. Starting up a website and building traffic could take its time, but eBay has the traffic already, it just needs your products.

6.Do it yourself

 You don’t need anyone to show you how, if you know how to use a computer, fill in details and follow simple instructions you can do it.

7.Low-Cost Pricing

 When you sell you will be charged around 10% of the final sale price, and since eBay is no longer using Paypal as its money service then the selling cost is much cheaper than it has ever been.

8.Free Listings monthly

eBay gives out free monthly listings to put up your items, so the only charge you are facing is when it sells, you should therefore take advantage of this and get your items in front of as many eyeballs on the earth as possible.

I have written this article to show my gratitude to eBay for all the years it has provided for me, and I hope with my words and this article I can inspire anyone who wants an extra income or is looking to start an online business they can use eBay as a starting point for it and prosper.


Afzal : The Businessman


Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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