Seven reasons on why you should use perfume oils

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The original form of fragrances has always been perfume oils . The natural blends of Herbs and oils blends without the use of alcohol made them long long lasting and sensitive to the skin. This is what nature has to offer without the use of fillers.

1. Very Long Lasting

Yes you have read that correctly - they are very long lasting , due to the nature of oils mixing with the sweat present on your skin they stick better and slowly disperse over time. Contrary to alcohol mixtures which evaporate fast and have to be applied to the clothing rather than the skin.

2. Sensitive To Skin

Due to the nature of oils having moisturising capabilities they even work sell on sensitive skin. The addition of Fractionated coconut oil in base oils even helps keep the skin intact and supple.

3. No Alcohol or Harsh Chemicals

Perfume oils do not use alcohol bases or chemical bases to keep intact hence if you are against the use of alcohol and chemicals , Oils would be best suited to you if you have a religious background or even just want to enjoy what nature has to offer.

4. Money Worthy

Oils are typically sold in roll on application form as this is the best way to apply oils on the skin , temples and wrists, this makes sure every drop of the oil is used rather than a spray formulation which would loose its essence in to the air.

5. Concentrated

Due to the natural consistency of oils they are concentrated and packed with a richer and stronger aroma than the alcohol based vapours which diminish and have to be constantly be sprayed over and over to keep them going.You also get the bonus of several note changes during the day !.

6. Mood Enhancement

Perfume oils have various herbs and essential oils integrated with in them that have shown mood enhancement when applied. e.g Peppermint for energy boosting , Jasmine for calming the nerves and many more others that supplement oils.

7. Unique Mixture

Oils by them selves are all the same but over time I have noticed that the same oil product on different people smells slightly different - my best guess is the oil reacts with the sweat and skin type and creates a unique fragrance depending on who you are , which makes your fragrance unique to you as everyone sweats differently.

If i have won you over with my reasoning and persuasive skills ;) , we have a 40 perfume oils collection here for you to try out.


Afzal : The Perfumer

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