Your left hand is not evil

Dear Humans

Nature has provided you with both hands: your right hand and your left hand, yet it still doesn’t fail to amaze me how human beings can be so judgmental and draw out evil conclusions from using one's hands. 

The bias towards left-handed people is an absolute disregard for human design and the discrimination is just pathetic. It's the lack of knowledge about the left side and right side of the body that leads to such narrow-minded and humiliating perceptions.

Let me elaborate on this for your understanding, If the left hand is so evil, why is it limited to just the hand, what about your left foot, your left eye, The left side of the body. , why don’t we just get rid of our left side entirely, chop off the hand etc and live with only our right side.

If you have never used your left hand at all and if you can prove this I shall follow your way of judgement and reasoning and disregard my mind- But you know deep inside this isn’t possible at all, so why the judgment, why the higher sense of morality and integrity because you use your right hand and others use their left.

Let’s do a small experiment to show you how foolish this concept is, place both your hand’s in front of you and tell me which hand is evil and which hand is not, tell me which hand you associated with evil deeds and good deeds or have you figured out that both your hands are connected to you! , do you see they both belong to you, do you see they are inverted images of each other, do you see how you use one more than the other because you are dominant in that side.

If I haven’t convinced you well enough then let me introduce you to people who are fluent in both the right and left hands, would they be considered good and evil, 50% good: 50 % evil? I’ll even give you something personal to interject my point, I write and eat with my right hand but use my left hand for drinking and picking up things, have I entered the realm of evil because I used my left hand? Of course not.

Therefore my brothers and sisters, throw away such silly notions of judgements and wake up to utilise your hands, find out where this ideology has crept into your mind and made you hate someone because they won’t use the same hand as you, let go of this need of creating a dominant side when any side is of good use. Accept your right hand and your left hand and hopefully, you shall accept the hands of others.


Afzal: Servant of God almighty, The Most High


Photo by Zacke Feller on Unsplash

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