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CHARTER CODE | Olive Tree Blossom , Guaiac Woods and Tonka Bean, High Quality Perfume Oil

CHARTER CODE | Olive Tree Blossom , Guaiac Woods and Tonka Bean, High Quality Perfume Oil

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An Elegant Powdery Fragrance consisting of soft notes of olive tree blossom, warmed with Guaiac wood and Tonka Bean.A hint of Lemon.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon Hint
Heart notes: Olive Tree Blossom, Guaiac Wood
Base notes: Tonka Beans

- 10ml Metal Ball Roll-On Glass Bottle
- Travel Size / Handbag Friendly
- Natural on the skin i.e less irritation
- Longer lasting as oils are concentrated
- Alcohol-Free Natural Organic Oil-Based / Vegan
- Suitable for Halal / Kosher
- Greater unisex Fragrance Range.
- A value for money they can last unto a month and linger in clothes.
- Car/Air Fresher Refill Diffuser oil formulation Available too.


-1ml Samples - 100% fragrance oil
-5ml Taster Gold top Glass Roll on bottle with 5ml Fragrance oil - 100% fragrance oil
-4.5ml Taster Gold Plastic Bottle Roll on Taster - 100% Fragrance Oil
-10ml Roll-on bottle with Gift outer package - 100% Fragrance Oil
-10ml Car / Air freshener Diffuser oil - 85-90% fragrance oil with 10-15% Auego Clean Multi base plus pipette.

Perfume Oil Profile

Olive Blossom Oil, Lemon peel oil, Guaiac wood essential oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Tonka Bean oil. Citrus bergamia Oil


These natural concentrated perfume oils are not associated with the High street market brands, Name, trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners. Indication of Brand names is used to help understand what the Product is Similar to in the market.

Our Perfume oils are natural hence the Constituents can change very slightly in aroma and Viscosity due to Natural Content.


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