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Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle

Rose Quartz Purifying Glass Water Bottle

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Embrace the qualities of crystals in your daily routine, you can energise and purify your body with these high frequency Crystal Water Bottles.  Take advantage of the claimed health benefits of crystals with a these glass water bottle. These bottles feature a crystals point on a screw-off stainless steel base for easy cleaning, rubberised anti-slip bottom, The gemstone is directly exposed to the water around it and can be easily removed for handwashing. 

A stylish water bottle that holds 500ml.

  • Gift box included.
  • Stainless steel screw lid.
  • Food safe. Recommended to be used with water only.
  • Neoprene cover to insulate and protect.

 H24.5cm X W6.5cm X D6.5cm  Weight: 475g 

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