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Willies Cacao Las Trincheras Gold Impulse Bar (26g)

Willies Cacao Las Trincheras Gold Impulse Bar (26g)

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As this Venezuelan dark chocolate melts, it takes you on an adventure in taste to the place where the cacao was born, in this case Hacienda Las Trincheras with its magical ruined columns.

It took only one taste of this beautiful Trinitario bean for me to succumb to its rich, nutty, smoothness.

Artisan chocolate, craft made from bean to bar, to capture the stunningly individual flavours of the world’s great cacaos.

This takes up to 21 days at low temperatures, compared to industrial chocolate which is made in a few hours.

The chocolate is 100% natural, containing simply cacao, raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter - no vanilla or soya lecithin to hide the beautiful flavour notes of the beans.

100% Natural. Pure Flavours. Pure Pleasure.

Only Natural Ingredients
Cocoa solids: 72% minimum.
Cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter
Dietary information
Suitable for vegans
Free from dairy, alcohol, gluten, nuts and soya

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