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YOUNG - | Fresh Fruits, Rose Musk and Amber , High Quality Perfume Oil

YOUNG - | Fresh Fruits, Rose Musk and Amber , High Quality Perfume Oil

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Experience the elegance of YOUNG - Fresh Fruits, Rose Musk and Amber. Our high quality perfume oil is crafted with exquisite fresh fruits, a delicate rose musk base and a warm amber scent that lingers on your skin. Enjoy luxurious, long-lasting fragrance with a subtle yet distinct scent.

Top notes : Peppermint Hint , Fresh Fruits
Heart notes : Rose, Musk
Base notes : Amber

- 10ml Metal Ball Roll On Glass Bottle
- Travel Size / Handbag Friendly
- Natural on the skin i.e less irritation
- Longer lasting as oils are concentrated
- Alcohol-Free Natural Organic Oil-Based / Vegan
- Suitable for Halal / Kosher
- Greater unisex Fragrance Range.
- A value for money they can last unto a month and linger in clothes.
- Car/Air Fresher Refill Diffuser oil formulation Available too.


-1ml Samples - 100% fragrance oil
-5ml Taster Gold top Glass Roll on bottle with 5ml Fragrance oil - 100% fragrance oil
-10ml Roll on bottle with Gift outer package - 100% fragrance oil
-10ml Car / Air freshener Diffuser oil - 85-90% fragrance oil with 10-15% Auego Clean Multi base plus pipette.

Perfume Oil Profile

Rose Musk , Amber Extract , Peppermint oil and Fruit Extract

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