Snack Box Vending

Snack Box Vending

We provide vending solutions to businesses, schools, gyms, offices and organisations with superior vending facilities.

Giving customers and employees a selection of snacks and drinks to quench their thirst and sate their hunger.

Snack Box Machine

The Snakky Max Green is compact but spacious. It’s able to house a good volume of snacks and drinks but narrow enough to fit in a location with restricted space. The machine can stock up to 30 selections and a total of 342 products, providing customers with a wide choice of snacks and beverages suited for small to medium establishments. It has a sturdy yet contemporary design, with LED lighting, a large glass door for optimum product visibility, and a small alphanumeric display.


Vend detection for guaranteed product delivery
Virtual and combined selections for offers and multi-vend discounts
Compatible with coins, notes and cashless payment systems
Flexible layout options
New directional LED lighting
Energy-efficient processor
A energy rating
Install Our Snack Machines at your place for extra income.
we will provide all stock replacement , repairs and services.
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