The Pattern of 12

The Pattern of 12

Dear Humans

I have been studying Scripture / Culture and religions for some time and would like to share patterns I have seen over the years. It is not only present in the text but in the reality around us too and how this one, in particular, has been shown by 12 in many ages.

I have not figured out the point of it as of yet but the fact that it is presented in various forms in many cultures and religious ideas makes you wonder if it's a copy-and-pasting vibe or if it is inspired by previous writings.

The list below will let you the pattern as such.

* The 12 tribes of Israel that Moses parted ( Old Testament )
* The 12 disciples of Jesus Christ ( New Testament )
* The 12 imams found in shia Islam
* The 12 zodiac signs circling the sun
* The 12 Olympian Gods
* The 12 months in a year ( started from 0 then ventured to 12 and in some places on earth there are 13)
* The 12 Emirs coming after the Prophet Muhammad
* The 12 sons of the Norse God
* The 12 names of the Hanuman Hindu God
* The Tasks of Herculius go from 10 to 12 ( similar to the month's conception)

The pattern of 12 emerges in many religions and cultures over time, It is astounding and visible once it is pointed out and the comparisons are made.

However, I still can't figure out what the point of it is, rather it is a way to detect patterns, such as the pattern of 3, pattern of 4, pattern of 2 and even a complex range of the pattern of the Fibonacci / Golden Ratio sequence.

The Pattern of 3 is as follows

* The Trinity God found in the Christian faith of belief
* Threefold office of Christ as Priest / Prophet / King
* The triune character of the one Hindu God: Vishnu / Brahma /Shiva
* The trinity in nature as the father and mother merge to make the Son / Daughter.
* The human eye is trichromatic.
* The Three pure ones in Taosim
* The Wiccan rule of Three. the completed three times.
* The Trikaya of Bhudda

The Pattern of 2

* Binary position of the 1 and the 0
* The Male and Female: original Gender: However many more genders are present now in the LGBTI community.
* The Yin and the opposite yang function works as a binary system.
* Father and Mother.

The pattern of 72 has to be one of the darkest but present.

* The 72 gifted virigns in the islamic paradise.
* The 72 number of demons sealed away by King Solomon.
* In Islam, 72 is the number of sects or denominations that are doomed to Hell, according to Hadith.
* In Cao Đài, the number of planets between hell and heaven.

The aim is to make you think and see if you can find patterns around you. In the end, for me, it's just numbers but to others, it holds deep significance.


Afzal : The observer.


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