Time: The limited currency

Time: The limited currency

Dear Humans

Time is epic, it changes, but always goes forward, the only place it goes back is in our memories never in reality itself. Time is like currency, you get 24 hours a day and then by the end of the day its all gone, stopped up the next day, you can’t top it up or get rid of it, it is just like a bank account that fills up every single day with 24 units, which If not used expires and then its all gone and in the morning gets topped up again with the exact 24 units but the old unit is not there anymore.

The theology of time also amazes me on how we can change the aspect of time, and that there is no time, its a device of Monday to Fridays, the seven days of torments, 30 days of completions, yearly blocks and so on even to the extent that we have an entire dedication to time called time management.

Linear Time

Its the process of time going forward into the future, and how it keeps going on and on, the is linear, it is straight to the end, we are born, we grow up, we work, we get old and then we die, this aspect is the most vivid and most known but it undermined due to how common it feels and is overlooked. Another deeper example is carbon dating, the isotope which relates over time can calculate exactly how much time has passed, as half-life measurements but is always linear, it goes forwards, not backwards as it decays.

Cycling Times

This is time that occurs over and over again in cycles, day and night, Monday to Friday, the years, the seasons, and religious holidays, some of these are fixed but they can be cyclic too, occurring over and over again constantly with no end in mind. Which have already happened but get pushed into the system over and over and over again and the events themselves are no longer around. religious events are also cyclic, with the same thing pushed in again and again even though the event itself has gone. Birthdays are also a cyclic example that just keeps coming around over and over again to push us back to an event that happened so long ago.

Fixed Time

Opening shop, closing shop, again Monday to Friday, religious holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, constantly fixed at particular times, even though they don’t exist but just measure out a particulate time in the year. This can be past events in history played out and future events pushed ahead to dictate a time or an event. the original simulation has already gone and finished but you are revisiting its simulacra, It’s like a copy and pasting.

Perceptive Time

This one is more subjective, this is based on how you perceive time yourself, regardless of a 24-hour day, some days feel longer on one day but for someone else, they will feel faster, the variable in the perception of time is itself as it is still 24 hours. This one has to be my favourite and most disturbing as it’s based on perception rather than a fixed reality. There is also the past, present and future timing regime which can be perceptive or even fixed depending on your perception and where you choose to live in the time.

Time is money Concept

There is also time assisted with money, how time is money, so if you are not earning a particular amount per hour then, you are not good enough. But if you are earning more per hour then you are better, again perception of time is ingrained into our mind, which is dependent on the person itself rather than the reality around us. The mind-bender in this category is every single hour someone somewhere is being paid an hourly rate, so in that sense, money is constantly associated with time. ( particularly minimum wage per hour countries

Emotional times

Good times and bad times, if you are having a good time, then you shall say my days are golden, fun and amazing, I am having the best ‘Time’ of my life, but when times as hard, trauma-filled, sadness is upon us then we say ‘Times’ are bad. I’m not in the best of spirits as such all relative to the time frame you choose and subjective to the individual’s events and experiences.

Time as a Friend

The concept of time as an ally can work if you are suffering from pain and hurt, you can use the time to heal yourself over some time, give it time to heal and use the time to focus on other pursuits that can help heal over time

Time as an Enemy

Time as an enemy is a concept that seems to give way to not being there, once the time has gone the heated iron has gone, the time to complete an event has gone, the time has gone, the time to buy a stock when it is low, the time to present a helping hand for a friend, the time to help when you can it is gone, the time to sort out things all gone.

Periodical time.

This is time in the past, future or present, its time we push back to remember our memories, the good times we had, and time which is projected far into the future also a concept of a period, history is also a projection of a particular time, all under the guise of time which has already gone and is not present anymore.

Overall  ,All times are present, past and future and are all happening exactly right now, some are pushed ahead, and some are given back into the past. That’s probably why they say spending time lol. Like spending it like its money, currency, its the only currency you can’t get back. I am here now and I shall never be around again, knowing this I am free to live in the present, past or future.

The funniest out of all is people I meet who want to waste time, and instead, they don’t realise in wasting another person’s time, in essence, is wasting your own too, it’s amazing how pathetic they can truly be to meet up and waste time and waste life, but instead, they are wasting there very own instating of living themselves and using their time wisely.

I hope this sheds light on how important time is. I can buy gifts again, I can make money again, I can buy clothes again, I can buy things all over again, I can replace lost items again but how will I ever replace time? How will we replace the time we missed with our parents when they are gone, how will we replace time with those we loved and cared about, and how will we make time for people who are no longer in our lives? How will you value time knowing it will never come back the same again? how will you repay me for my time as I can’t get it back ever again? How will I repay you for spending your time with me?

That is why the best present you can give anybody is your time because its a currency you will never get back, you can purchase a gift, a repurchase it, money you can make back again, but time you will never get back, so if I ever come see you or spend time with you know that I am giving you the best as I will never be able to get this back. I can’t buy it back, I can’t get reimbursed at all.

If you truly understand time then throughout assessing time you will realise that the time is now and would not want your time wasted or waste anybody else time too. All of history is gone and the future hasn’t arrived as yet. If you spend too much time on times that have passed you will live backwards, if you spend too much of your time on the future you will miss the present because in the end time is ‘’now’’.


Afzal: Servant of God Almighty: The Eternal One

Inspired by Quran: Surah Asr

Old References

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle
Theology of time by Elijah Muhammad
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Photo by Who’s Denilo ? on Unsplash
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